Tire Changing Service

One of the most stressful road situation can be a busted tire. A possible cause of your flat tire could be a slow leak or you have a nail stuck in your tire, which will be an easy fix if you have a spare tire in the trunk. But no matter the issue is, we can assist you if you need a flat tire repair. Our certified technicians will be more than happy to assist you with a quick tire change or help you tow your vehicle to a service station if need be.

Toronto Tow Truck Service Company has in the business for decades now, so we know all the best and most affordable tire shops in town. You can rely on us and our certified technicians in case you need help on picking the right service center for your vehicle. You can be sure that your car or truck will be towed there in a professional and safe manner. Please keep in mind that even if all you need is a spare tire change, we will be happy to do it so you can get back on the road on time.

It will save you a few bucks to get your tire changed on the roadside than having to tow your vehicle to a repair shop. Tires are generally okay for 10 years, so you might need to replace your spare tire if it’s older than a decade. You should find the manufacture date on the sidewall of the tire.

Do you need to visit a local tire store in Toronto or the Lower Mainland Area? Our tow truck service can bring you anywhere anytime!

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